Treadlighter Mission

Libby 1“The world has no remote control. If there are things you don’t like, get up and change them yourself.”

Riding a plant around the world to raise awareness about (and lessen) ocean plastic pollution, whilst generating her own electricity and fresh air?! Libby likes to dream big. Sunny is her unique, lovingly handcrafted bamboo (and air plant) bicycle with a serious mission. This bamboo warrior isn't just a sustainably built, low carbon footprint mode of transport, it is an organic symbol of determination, achievement and hope. Bamboo has proved a pleasure to create with, decorate and ride. Plus, it can be composted at the end of its life. That's got to be recycling at its best...

Having spent 6 years working as a marine conservation biologist, Libby has seen first hand the damage done by ocean plastic pollution; manta rays coughing up plastic whilst trying to feed in plankton rich waters, turtles and seabirds starving to death with guts crammed full of plastic, entangled animals dragging around debris-encrusted fishing line and nets. These memories haunt her and have driven her to hatch some great action plans.

Libby 2As an enthusiastic primary school teacher, Libby's message to pupils has always been one of hope, self-belief and empowerment: 'You are more awesome than you can possibly imagine and you CAN make a difference...' Mantras every child should hear. The time came for Libby to leave the classroom; to reach a wider audience, lead by example and be the change that she wants to encourage in others.

The key to the Tread Lighter philosophy is educating and empowering school kids to make long-lasting positive change, through ocean plastic workshops and hands on beach cleaning. In addition to cleaner beaches and seas, the goal is an increased understanding of ocean plastic pollution resulting in wiser plastic consumer choices by these young eco warriors and their families. Libby is a firm believer in the power that children can wield to create huge, meaningful ripples of positive change across society.

Libby has already visited schools in the UK, Singapore, Australia and will be cycling all around New Zealand spreading the ocean love, starting in November 2017.

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