Brush for Change!

Tangaroa Blue Foundation Meme 3 LowOne of the most common items of plastic debris collected by our army of volunteers is the humble toothbrush. With each of us, on average, using 400 toothbrushes in our lifetime, and with approximately 25 million Australians; that equates to 3,500 TONNES of plastic toothbrushes each and every year going into our landfill, waterways and oceans. That is a frightening statistic! The flow on impact to our marine life is devastating.

Jump on board with us and Brush for Change and help make a difference. From October 1st until December 31 every time you make a purchase and use the coupon code: TB117 - two dollars will be passed onto Tangaroa Blue Foundation. The pack of four toothbrushes comes to under $20 so please visit Brush for Change at www.brushforchange.com.au and let’s all Brush for Change.

Happily, there is now an alternative to plastic toothbrushes and that is the Bamboo toothbrush, which was invented by Brisbane dentist Dr Natalia Taylor almost 10 years ago. There are many brands of Bamboo toothbrushes on the market today; however, we have found one that’s a little different. Brush for Change is a new organisation that is built around the ideals of social entrepreneurship. Specifically, with every four pack of eco-friendly Bamboo toothbrushes purchased Brush for Change donates two Bamboo toothbrushes to those in need and they donate a further two dollars to an environmental cause.

Partnering with Brush for Change gives Tangaroa Blue Foundation a wonderful opportunity to not just gather in some much needed funding but to also make a huge dent in the number of plastic toothbrushes entering our landfill, waterways and ultimately our oceans.