Two Friends Taking on the Elements for a Cleaner Ocean!

MLLucy Graham and Mathilde Gordon are launching their mission to paddle approximately 2000km, raising awareness of the issue of marine debris and inspiring women to pursue adventure.

In May 2018 Lucy Graham and Mathilde Gordon will launch their kayaks off the shores of Alaska and into the Inside Passage. However, the journey starts today as the pair launch the larger project; spreading awareness and raising funds for marine debris programs. Today their website, Facebook and Instagram go ‘live’.

The young women, both in their twenties, are taking on a challenge of their lifetime, paddling from Juneau, Alaska to Vancouver Island, Canada, a stretch of almost 2000km. The paddle will take them around 2.5 months and will test their resolve and commitment to themselves and their cause. “We are passionate about adventure and challenge. We haven’t done anything like this before, but that is what challenge is all about and we are determined and excited to overcome this one. It is going to be the adventure of a lifetime!” Lucy Graham.

Marine debris is an issue that is affecting our oceans worldwide and one that both women are deeply passionate about. Our oceans are clogged with plastic and other rubbish, an international problem that one country cannot fix alone. We need the world to know more, and we want the everyday person to understand the problem and understand how to make a difference. We are encouraging people to go plastic-free with us for the duration of the paddle, or donate to Passage Adventures. All donations will be directed to two marine debris organisations: The Tangaroa Blue Foundation in Australia and Living Oceans in Canada. These organisations are working hard to reduce marine debris in our oceans and establish source reduction plans. We hope our adventure will inspire others to pursue their own, and also encourage people to begin their journey to protecting our beautiful oceans.

“It is exciting to be working together with these two inspiring women, who are tackling both the challenge of educating people on one of the world’s major environmental issues while on such a physically and mentally demanding trip. If all we do is clean-up, that is all we will ever do, we need opportunities like this to draw people into the marine debris issue and connect them with why they should care, and what they can do in their everyday lives to be part of the solution.” Heidi Taylor, Tangaroa Blue Foundation, Australian Marine Debris Initiative

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