Fireworks of texture and colour

art supplies smallWhat do you see when you look at marine debris? Do you see ugly rubbish that makes you turn away? Or do you see that bright red bottle top contrasting a yellow bucket lid, that fluffy faded fishing rope with a hint of turquoise between its strands playing with that far travelled buoy? A broken piece of something in subtle blue matching the dark green of an old net? Do you see how layers of thongs look like fish scales or bird feathers or how the weathered fragments of plastic fit into a mosaic? Are you an artist who gets inspired by the simplest things around them and turns discarded pieces into collages and sculptures?

The seemingly useless debris we pull off the beaches has great potential to turn into inspiring art works.

We have lids, cigarette lighters and plastic fragments in all colours of the rainbow in stock for sale at our Sea Store, thongs – quirky and weathered – fishing ropes and nets with real character, all waiting to be given a new life. Maybe this even calls for a project with your school class or community group? All proceeds from our art supplies fund more clean-ups and the work of Tangaroa Blue. Just keep in mind that you will have to include the postage in your order – unless you pick your treasures up right from our office in Far North QLD at no additional cost!

Photo credit: John Morris