Australia’s coastline is 5 million items cleaner

5mill items insta v1Australia’s beaches are 5 million items cleaner! What started as an individual quest to protect the ocean has evolved into Australia’s leading marine debris organisation having reached a significant milestone today.

Tangaroa Blue Foundation established the Australian Marine Debris Initiative in 2004 to capture what was found during community beach clean-ups.

Heidi Taylor, co-founder of Tangaroa Blue Foundation said that the once small group of commuity volunteers recognised that if all they do is clean-up the beach and not record what was found, that is all they’ll ever do as they’ll never know why, what, where and when marine debris and beach litter occurs along Australia’s coastline.

“The Australian Marine Debris Initiative has since provided a unique platform for community, government and industry to work together to reduce marine debris along Australia’s coastline”, said Ms Taylor.

“Reaching 5 million items being recorded into the Australian Marine Debris Database is a mammoth milestone for this program as it not only highlights the enormous effort by volunteers and partners to clean-up our environment, but also provides a comprehensive dataset on what is actually out there.

This vital data is being used at local, state, national and international levels to identify sources and create strategies that stop the flow of rubbish and pollution into our oceans.”

Over 49,566 volunteers have collected 455 tonnes of marine debris from 1,658 individual beaches around Australia.

Ms Taylor also acknowledged all partners, volunteers and friends who support the Australian Marine Debris Initiative, and contribute marine debris data and implement source reduction plans.

“This significant milestone wouldn’t have happened without the ongoing support we receive from community, government, industry and the corporate world. Many thanks to everyone involved. Australia’s coastline is certainly in good hands”.