Federal & state government debating source reduction strategies

container deposit newsletterWhilst everyone can contribute to a cleaner environment on a small scale, changes in legislation are a way of pushing and enforcing a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle on a large scale. Tangaroa Blue is involved in various projects on a government level to reduce the occurrence of marine debris, one of them being the Marine Debris Threat Abatement Plan: This document formulates ways to address, reduce and solve the problem on a national level.

Every five years this plan undergoes a review and Tangaroa Blue has been part of that process, adding knowledge and evidence from data collected by volunteers during beach and river clean-ups to assist in practical ways of implementing source reduction strategies that stop marine debris from occurring.

Other current campaigns include investigation into a potential plastic bag ban and introduction of a container deposit scheme in both QLD & NSW. Both new laws would reduce the amount of single use plastics in our litter stream as well as reduce the volume of rubbish going to landfill in those states tremendously.

QLD residents can contribute their comments on a Container Deposit Scheme for QLD in a survey released by QLD Environment Minister Steven Miles and check out the Boomerang Alliance website for more information on these campaigns.