Say No to Single Use Plastics at Home

Chico bags newsletterCleaning up the coastline is a great way to help the environment, but if we don't change our behaviour and reduce our use of single use plastics the issue of ocean pollution will never be conquered.

Each of us can contribute in cutting down the use of single use plastics, and our online Sea Store offers some sustainable alternatives to the never-ending list of environmentally unfriendly products.

One of those well-known and infamous articles being plastic shopping bags. Australians use approximately 4 billion shopping bags each year, many of which are only used for 5 minutes to carry the shopping from the checkout to the car and then are usually sent to landfill, adding to the mountain of plastics contaminating the environment.

Reducing this number is a no-brainer: Check out the Chico bags - reusable shopping bags in different colours that can hold up to 11 kg of your shopping, fold up to a tiny package to fit in your wallet, clip to your key ring and can go wherever you go.

To top this off we even have lightweight mesh bags for your fruit and veggies. Fill them with the fresh food of your choice and you can even wash your grapes or tomatoes whilst still in the bag! No excuse for single use any more! The bags and other inspirational products can be found on our Sea Store page. Don't forget that Christmas is right around the corner and your friends and family will want some eco-friendly presents too!