The saddest beaches in Australia finally have a chance!

Happy BeachesA unique nation-wide competition will be launched on World Happiness Day, Saturday 21st March, to find Australia's saddest beach and then blitzed the beach from sad to happy with the help of experts from Happy Beaches.

The competition called Australia's Happy Beaches competition was found by inspiration and passion for healthy beaches and happy communities and has been launched to progress beyond the sad realities of beaches.

The driving force behind the Happy Beaches competition is Griffith University student Naomi Edwards. A Gold Coast local and beach expert, Naomi holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science and a Master of International and Community Development.

"The competition is about connecting experts from a range of coastal environmental disciplines with communities who need help managing beach issues," Naomi said.

"By providing communities with the information they need, we will hopefully inspire and enable them to transform their beach from sad to happy. And at one location, we will come and help them do the job."

Here are Happy Beaches' indicators for what makes a beach sad and happy:

What makes a beach sad?

• Marine debris issues
• Eroded beaches as a result from human impacts or unsustainable coastal intervention
• Undesignated beach access
• No long-term beach management strategy
• Lack of community action and partnerships
• Capacity issues (e.g. people/ access capacity)
• Lack of facilities to meet beach users demands
• Lack of biodiversity and conservation practices

What makes a beach happy?
• Marine debris strategy in action with source reduction results
• A long term strategy that have a vision beyond 25+ years
• Designated beach access and used correctly
• Increasing community action and growing partnerships
• Limited resource capacity constraints
• Sufficient facilities to meet the needs of beach users
• Biodiversity and conservation is central to the management of the beach.

To enter the competition coastal communities just need to enter their sad beach story to Australia's Happy Beaches competition at www.happybeaches.org.

Applications will open on Saturday 21st March and close on Monday 20th April 2015.

More information about the Happy Beaches competition can be found at www.happybeaches.org/