Bubbles Flow for 10 Years of Tangaroa Blue!

Party Pic1On October 18, Tangaroa Blue Foundation held a fabulous party, with a spectacular lightning show as a backdrop, to celebrate 10 years of working hard to stop the flow of rubbish into the marine environment.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us over these 10 years, many of whom helped us celebrate on Saturday night. A guest list of true diversity, representatives from Sea Shepherd Foundation; Ocean Watch; Keep Australia Beautiful Council; Surfrider Foundation; The Department of Defence; Coastwest; WA NRM and local government representatives as well as some of our fantastic volunteers from the community who regularly clean up our beaches and send in those vital data sheets, spent the evening networking and celebrating. 

Thank you also to the wonderful artists who donated their work for our silent auction – Sandra McKendrick of Sandpiper Productions; Christian Fletcher Photo Images; Jenny Edmondson; Julie Remp; Kathleen Crabill from Nurdle in the Rough and Jamie Thompson from Beachbox Garbage. And also the artists who lent their work for display: Paula Green; Renee Mouritz from Plastic is Forever; Michelle Gabelich; Greg Adams & Sue Ryan from Ghost Net Art Project and Julianne McCarthy for the gorgeous ghost net dress.

We would also like to thank the following sponsors who helped make our event a success:
Little Creatures Brewery; Madfish Wines; Phoenix Organic Soft Drinks; Amanzi Guesthouse. And thank you to Ben and Ben from Eat No Evil for providing great locally based food.

Since starting with only a handful of volunteers in 2004 we have grown to over 33,000 volunteers nationwide, cleaned 1,232 different sites, removed over 254 tonnes of rubbish which when broken down into categories equals 3,032,509 individual items, mostly plastic.

Removing rubbish from the marine environment saves many animals from injury and death and also reduces the amount of plastic leaching toxins into the environment which is not only harmful to wildlife but us as well. In an ideal world we would love to never have to clean another beach again as there would be no rubbish going into the ocean. Until that time comes though, we will be working to clean up where we can and ultimately stop the flow of rubbish at its source. Thank you to all who love the oceans as we do.