Source Reduction Plans Stopping Debris

201404 Cape BedfordAfter many years and long hours by tens of thousands of volunteers and partners collecting debris and data from over 1080 beaches, we are seeing many positive changes resulting from all our efforts. We can now show the importance of our Source Reduction Plans (SRPs) in creating changes that will improve the long term health of the enviroment.

The framework of the SRPs can be used on local, state and national levels to create strategies that stop the flow of rubbish into our oceans. With an estimated 80% of debris coming from land sources, this is where we need to put our focus on stopping debris entering the environment in the first place.

In the last 12 months we have successfully worked with all levels of government in implementation of SRPs including the Department of Environmental Regulation WA addressing plastic resin pellet loss from Perth factories, the Bureau of Meteorology reducing the number of weather balloons being released from stations around Australia, and providing evidence to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority on ocean pollution originating from vessels along the Great Barrier Reef.

And to think, this all started with the likes of me and you, collecting rubbish on our local beaches. Together we are ALL making a difference with these fantastic results. Everyone is starting to listen so keep up the great work!