Cairns Underwater Film Festival launches 2013 photo & film competition

Cuff-flyer-2013-frontThe photo and film competition for the Cairns Underwater Film Festival has recently opened with a huge prize pool, new categories and again raising money for the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation and the Minke Whale Project. We are also excited to announce another local charity that we are raising funds for - Tangaroa Blue Foundation whose aim is to reduce marine debris in our oceans.

This year the festival hope to draw new levels of international interest by running a freshly created category aimed at international entries.
The competition is running over the next two months leading up to the festival, with entries for the film competition closing on the 10th July, whilst the photo competition closes on the 24th July.

Festival organisers are now calling on local underwater photographers and filmmakers to get their entries ready. "Each year the festival continues to grow." said festival board member Wayne Williams. "It is all about celebrating the beauty of the underwater world and encouraging people to get out and experience it."


In 2012 the festival, which is run on a not-for-profit basis, donated nearly $15,000 for the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitations Centre and Minke Whale Project.

This year's competition prize pool includes dive expeditions to the Great Barrier Reef, Coral Sea, Papua New Guinea, Guadalupe, Malaysia, Palau and Great White Shark diving in South Australia. "We have to acknowledge and thank the dive and tourism industry for the tremendous support and commitment they have shown to the festival. Once again we have an incredible prize pool which includes a range of diving and snorkelling day trips, underwater camera equipment and courses".

The competition's new 'International - Best of the World' category will also give entrants a new challenge. Traditionally all entries to the competition have had to be taken in the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea, giving the festival the opportunity to showcase the marine environment in Cairns' own backyard. The new 'international' category will allow people to enter photos taken from anywhere in the world. Not to be outdone – the short film section now includes two categories, one for professionals and one for non-professionals.
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Photo competition categories include:
• Wide Angle Nature – Celebrating the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea
• Young Photographer – An opportunity for the under 16?s to show off their best underwater photos
• Macro – Celebrating the little guys.
• Diver(s) – Divers in harmony with the reef
• Compact Macro – Close up using compact camera system
• Compact Wide – Wide Angle using a compact camera system
• Creative - An open category to let your imagination go wild (photoshop manipulation allowed).
• International – Best of the World - Your best shots from around the world.

Film competition categories include:
• Short Film – Non-professional
• Short Film – Professional

The 7th Annual Cairns Underwater Film Festival will be held on the 24th August 2013 at the Cairns Civic Theatre.

For further details: http://www.cairnsunderwaterfilmfestival.com
All photos must be appropriately credited and can only be used in conjunction with this release.

About the Festival:

The 2013 Cairns Underwater Film Festival will once again bring you a selection of the best underwater films from around the world including:
• Latest works from renowned underwater film makers.
• Winners from the World Festival of Underwater Films in Marseille, France.
• Local, Australian and international winning entries of the CUFF 2013 underwater photography and film competitions.

Last year's event included international filmmakers and photographers such as David Doubilet, Shawn Heinrichs, Leandro Blanco and Howard Hall alongside Australian talent including: David Hannan, Stuart Ireland and Ross Isaacs in a night of award-winning imagery.
Run by a team of passionate volunteers the festival screens a combination of local and international talent, giving filmmakers a chance to showcase their talent in the only Australian festival of its kind. The Cairns Underwater Film Festival delights those who love to explore the underwater world, appreciate nature and have a passion for world-class imagery.
The festival is now in its 7th successive year. The event is staged by a volunteer board and run as a not for profit organisation, giving back to the local community.

The Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre, the Minke Whale Project and The Tangaroa Blue Foundation will be the 2013 funding recipients. Attendees of the Film Festival and participants of the Underwater Film and Photo Competition can take pride in knowing they are contributing to the welfare of these iconic local species.