Tangaroa Blue Marine Debris Education Kit Goes Live!

Ed KitWe are proud to announce the release of the Tangaroa Blue Foundation Marine Debris Education Kit

Aligned to the Australian National Curriculum: Science, and Cross Curricular Priority Areas, enables the complete set of unit plans ranging from Early Years to Senior Years to be easily delivered as individual lessons or as a whole unit.

Based on the inquiry 5Es approach to teaching, the units are hands on, have creative elements, and many links to the world beyond the classroom. Each Unit has a 'Unit at a Glance' format and shows the specific links to curriculum, for ease of planning.

Access to extra resources such as Interactive Whiteboard Activities, PowerPoint displays, games, Marine Debris Identification Manual and Marine Debris Science Background Fact Sheets will enrich your students learning experiences.

The focus of the content of the Tangaroa Blue Marine Debris Education Kit has been developed from the Australian Marine Debris Initiative, providing pathways for communities, education centres and learners to share knowledge contribute to the Australian Marine Debris Database and become part of Source Reduction Plans; whilst encouraging environmental stewardship.

Increase your student's engagement and teacher support by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to organise a Tangaroa Blue beach clean-up coordinator to visit your local area, or just have fun exploring the vast array of resources available on the Tangaroa Blue website, tailoring your own unique learning experiences.

The Marine Debris Science Teaching Units are revolving documents and will continue to be updated as new information becomes available. You are welcome to become part of this process by providing feedback and comments by submitting one of our feedback forms!

The education kit was made possible by funding and support by the Jack Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation.