Musician Jay Hoad Talks Music and Oceans

2012 Jay HoadFiji-born didgeridoo artist and stringed instrument virtuoso Jay Hoad has spent the last six years touring the globe. He follows the sun and his inspiration for music throughout the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, Fiji, and North America, keeping up a relentless performance schedule whilst passionately learning about third world culture and every style of music he can sink his teeth in to. Last year Jay was honoured to support Bob Marley’s ‘The Wailers’ on the East coast leg of their North America tour, amongst other international artists.

Now Jay is taking his unique show around Australia for the very first time with the huge “Stories for the Soul” tour covering all major cities as well as a large portion of regional Australia. The tour also includes performances in many surrounding countries including Fiji, New Zealand and Japan.

Jay has been a supporter of Tangaroa Blue since he met up with co-founder Heidi Taylor at Jack Johnson’s concert in Adelaide at the end of 2010, since then he has been promoting the organisation with displays and information about the importance of protecting our oceans wherever he plays.

Jay explains his strong connection with the environment: “The Ocean means everything to me, my life and my lifestyle has evolved around it since before I could walk. I notice many people getting more and more disconnected from mother earth on a daily basis and unfortunately the Ocean is the one that takes the brunt of the impact of mankinds waste and disregard. I personally feel that the awareness that Tangaroa Blue provides is essential to the future of our planet as it makes people really question their daily waste and helps rekindle their connection with the earth. I am honoured to support Tangaroa Blue and will continue to do so for the rest of my life, what they do is completely incredible."

Tangaroa Blue's Heidi Taylor said: "We are so lucky to have met Jay and been able to work together in promoting the importance of ocean conservation. It is inspiring to see that people like Jay Hoad have decided to use their gift of music to also spread the message of protecting our oceans to so many people during his concerts and tours."

Check out Jay Hoad’s concert schedule at www.jayhoad.com