Keep Our South West Salmon Beaches Beautiful

With large schools of salmon reaching South West waters, Volunteer Fisheries Liaison Officers are urging all fishers to work together this year to eliminate rubbish at popular fishing locations.

Volunteer and Education Activity Coordinator Gilbert Stokman said at the end of the salmon run in past years many locations had seen a sharp rise in rubbish left by fishers.

20060316-South-West-Salmon-Beaches"It's such a shame to see these spots, which are so picturesque and in many cases contained within National Parks or reserves, looking like rubbish tips," Mr Stokman said.

"People had left behind plastic shopping bags, bait bags, beer cans, plastic bottles, broken glass and fishing line, which not only looked unsightly but presented many dangers.

"The Cape to Cape Cleanup initiative led by Heidi Taylor will be monitoring the hot spots and doing a comparison last year's cleanup, to see if this trial makes a difference. Last year Mrs. Taylor and her team of volunteers amassed an amazing 1 tonne of rubbish in just a one-day clean up.

Extract from "Keep Our South West Salmon Beaches Beautiful " article by Government of Western Australia. Read the full article on the Department of Fisheries website.