First Harvey Beach Clean Up!

Nippers Clean Beach of Marine Debris

"Little nippers and their older peers from the Binningup Surf Lifesaving Club put their love of the ocean to good use by cleaning a stretch of beach from amrine debris and recording their findings. Harvery shire natural resources officer Brook Devine kicked off the Sunday morning project by explaining the impact of litter on the coast and marine life."

 20080303-Harvey-Reporter-ArticleHarvey Reporter Article"The "Harvey Beach Clean Up" is an ongoing project as part of Tangaroa Blue Ocean Care Society's Marine Debris Project, in which volunteers have removed nearly 100,000 pieces of marine debris from the South West coastline since 2004 to prevent the death of sea mammals, birds and sea turtles.

The exercise is closely linked to the Cape to Cape Beach Clean Up and all rubbish is collected, analysed and catalogued with the recordings sent off to the Tangaroa Blue Ocean Care Society. Club president Julie Doyle said understanding and caring for the coastal environment was part of the enviro-smart componet of the nipper education program.

"The objective of the morning was to provide the children with an understanding of the impacts of litter on the coast and marine life and to consider others and our environment," Mrs. Doyle said. "The children were amazed at some of the items they found and the amount of litter that they collected in one morning."

Article "Nippers Clean Beach of Marine Debris" featured in the Harvey Reporter newspaper on Tuesday 26th February 2007.