Kalbarri High School

Kalbarri DHS is situated in the picturesque tourist town of Kalbarri. We are surrounded by Kalbarri National Park and the township is located at the mouth of the Murchison River. The permanent population of the town is around 2 000, with the population rising up to 10 000 during the 'tourist season'. The community is reliant on tourism, service industries and the fishing industry.

KalbarriDHS IntroThe school was established in 1959 as a primary school, shifting from its first location near the waterfront to its current location in 1960. The current locality is pleasant and central to town. In 2001 the school became a District High School. Currently we have students from K – 12 and the development of the secondary area of the school has meant many new teachers have arrived bringing new skills and expertise. There are many positive interactions between secondary and primary staff and students.

The school is divided into classes and collaborative teaching groups based largely on phases of schooling.