John Tonkin College - Mandurah

Mandurah SC IntroMandurah Senior High School is located south of Perth in Western Australia, and in November, 2011, the Minister of Education, the Hon Elizabeth Constable formerly launched John Tonkin College. The College is the result of the merge of Mandurah High School and Mandurah Senior College and commenced operations in January 2012. The College consists of two major sites, the PET campus and the Tindale campus. In addition to this the College boasts additional off site facilities with a state of the art Marine Centre and a public learning centre, known as E2C. (Education to Community.)

Marine Debris Presentations

The Year 8 students invited the Tangaroa Blue team to hold a presentation at John Tonkin College in Mandurah in May. The students were a fantastic group, very enthusiastic and full of questions. It was awesome to hear a good amount of background knowledge about the issues surrounding marine debris including what it is, why it is an issue and what are some things we can do about it.

The students were well aware already of the prevalence of plastic pollution and some of them were already taking action in their daily lives to reduce the use of plastic. The students will also be participating in regular beach cleanups as part of their marine science and geology studies. Well done and we look forward to seeing what they find on their local Mandurah beaches!

Clean Up Australia Day

20090305 MandurahAs part of the Clean up Australia Day project, seven Mandurah Senior High school students and two teachers headed down to Silver Sands beach not far from the school and cleaned the beach. They started the morning with a presentation at the school learning about Tangaroa Blue and marine debris, followed by a beach clean up. When they arrived at the beach it was devastating to find that there were thousands of cigarette butts on the grassed area where the bus parked. So they set out to pick them all up, after our count back at the school there was a total of 1413 collected from this very small area.