Karridale Primary School

KarridalePS IntroKarridale Primary School is located 7km from Hamelin Bay and 13km north of Augusta on Bussell Highway in the southwest of Western Australia. The school is in a picturesque rural setting, and this unique environment and location is highly valued by the school community.

Most children live on small holdings and farms, although the main income of many families is no longer from farming. Diversification of land use is evident in the area, with the wine, tourism and recreation industries creating employment opportunities in addition to the more traditional livelihoods, such as farming.

Karridale Primary caters for students irrespective of social background, economic circumstance or location. Our purpose is defined by five statements of values consistent with the Curriculum Framework (1998) and we have articulated virtues through which these values are enacted. Our virtues are: acceptance, reponsibility, reliability, caring, consideration, honesty, self-discipline, friendliness, courtesy, patience, compassion, excellence, kndness and respect for self, others and for their differences.

Karridale Primary adopts Hamelin Bay

200910 KarridaleStudents from Karridale Primary School headed down to Hamelin Bay to participate in this year's South West Beach Clean Up. 31 students and teachers collected 295 pieces of rope, plastic and glass drink bottles, hundreds of pieces of broken down plastic and cylume sticks. The total weight of collected debris was 40kg and number of items was 796.