Even the Smallest Bits of Plastic are Harmful!

20130529Well, it's May already and the year is flying by. We ventured back to the two local river mouths we visited in March, Grassy Creek and Painkalac Creek, to see what the impact has been like in the last two months.

We had two groups of 14 boys and two teachers with one group at each site and a little over an hour to find as much as we could along the estuary mouths. We gave the boys the challenge once again of finding 100 pieces of plastic each on the edge of the estuary. They could have been there all day but they reach their target fairly quickly with 1300 pieces of plastic the size of a five cent piece or smaller found in 20 minutes.

After this we moved on to the more visible rubbish and the results were eye opening for the boys, with glass, foam and plastic bags all recording over 50 pieces each and almost 30 drink bottles. They struggled to understand where it all came from in such a small town in the off season.

After doing this session with the 14 year old boys it's nice knowing that most of them will go home and think twice about where to put that piece of rubbish.

See you next term!