Russell Island State School

imgresRussell Island State School is part of the South Moreton Bay Islands. We started a program called "Clean Up Our Island Day" at the beginning of the year 2014. Each class is allocated a Monday once a month where volunteers, parents and teachers take the children around designated areas to collect refuse which is duly recorded in the data sheets provided by Tangaroa Blue Foundation. These children from preps to grade 7 are educated in the benefits of putting rubbish in the bin not only for the environment but for the safety of the wildlife in the sea, and on the island. Bunnings Hardware provides the children with water bottles and gloves. The children look forward to their excursion and we keep safety and healthy attitudes in focus. The children are then presented with a certificate with their name on it provided by Seaworld Research and Rescue Foundation.


Cleaning Up Their Island!

Russell Island