Mossman Senior High School

Mossman-SHS-IntroMossman is located seventy-seven kilometres north of Cairns and seventeen kilometres north of Port Douglas in Far North Queensland.

Mossman itself is a small township and the majority of students come to school by bus from the surrounding districts. The enrolment is approximately 600 students with 45 teachers on staff and 34 support staff.

Mossman State High School is the only secondary school in the district from Cairns to Cooktown. High school education was established in Mossman when a secondary department was attached to the Mossman State School in 1955. Classes were held in the CWA Rest rooms with an enrolment of nine students under Mr El Messer as head teacher. The high school staff consisted of two teachers, Miss M Morgan and Miss N Darveniza. Previously students who wanted to continue their education past 'scholarship' at age 14 had to go away to boarding schools, sometimes as far away as Brisbane.