Bloomfield River School

Bloomfield-River-IntroBloomfield River State School is located in the Bloomfield River Valley on the east coast of Cape York Peninsula, in the Wet Tropics of North Queensland. It is 180km north of the city of Cairns and 70km south of the township of Cooktown.

During the wet season you often need a 4WD vehicle to visit Bloomfield, because there are dirt roads and many creeks and rivers to cross. The local area is a unique environment which is World Heritage listed and includes rainforest, mangroves and the Great Barrier Reef.

The school services the Bloomfield district comprising three local government areas. At the head of the valley is Wujal Wujal Aboriginal Community, which has a population of about 400. They are mostly Kuku Yalanji people, originally from the local area. Other community members are from the northern section of the Douglas Shire, Degarra and the southern coastal section of the Cookshire, Ayton.

Bloomfield River Students Back On the Beach!

20110615 BloomfieldOn Wednesday 15th June, 2011 students from the Bloomfield River School joined local community members, Tangaroa Blue and the Great Barrier Reef Park Authority for a clean up at their local beach of Weary Bay. The students were presented with a Beach Clean Up Kit which included all the materials they will need to adopt their local beach including bags, gloves, sharps containers, sunscreen, a first aid kit and data collection sheets and identification manuals.


Bloomfield River State School Students Clean Up Weary Bay

20090529 BloomfieldOn Friday 29th May, students from Prep - Year 7 at Bloomfield River State School headed to the local beach, Weary Bay, for a Beach Clean-Up. The event is undertaken each term to fulfil the school's commitment as a Reef Guardian School.


Bloomfield River School Clean-Up

20081120 Bloomfield 2Bloomfield River School has joined the fight agains tht marine debris by organising a clean up event to be held on November 20th at their local beach of Weary Bay to the mouth of the Bloomfield River.


Bloomfield River Beach Clean Up

20081120 BloomfieldOn Thursday 20th November, our whole school participated in our first beach clean-up.

Our bus driver dropped us off at Windy-Loo at Weary Bay Beach. With our gloves and bags from Tangaroa Blue, we walked south towards the Bloomfield River mouth. The Prep – Year 4's walked along the beach and the 5/6/7 class walked along a dirt track that runs parallel to the beach.