Gordonvale State School

Gordonvale-SS-IntroGordonvale, historically a sugar town and today a quintessential Australian country town with courteous storekeepers, well-preserved streetscapes, historic buildings and a great sense of community. Near Gordonvale stands the highest free-standing mountain peak in the world (not part of a mountain range). The symmetrical Pyramid is 922 metres in height.

Gordonvale State P-7 School has provided an excellent education to the students of Gordonvale for in excess of 100 years. The school has a long tradition of excellence in academic achievement, sport, the arts and community engagement.

The school's motto is "Excelsior" which means "ever upwards" and in order to achieve this we are growing a culture based upon a positive caring environment; high standards of work, behaviour and uniform; innovative and individual learning pathways and high levels of student support.

Gordonvale Students Visit Green Island

20120226-Green-IslandOn February 24th 2012, students from Gordonvale State School and Gordonvale High School visited Green Island, part of the Great Barrier Reef along Australia's Far North Queensland coastline.

During their visit, the 34 students checked out the local marine life during a glass bottom boat ride, had a visit to the Department of Fisheries Research Station and then conducted the first Tangaroa Blue clean up on Green Island.

From 500m around the island, students and teachers collected 995 pieces of marine debris including 235 bits of foam, 212 bits of hard plastic, 168 bits of foam from weather balloons, 72 straws and cutlery, 52 foam food packaging and 20 bits of broken glass. The debris weighed 37.1kg, was collected from 1km of beach in 1.25hrs!

Great effort by the students and we are looking forward to reading their reports from the day!

Gordonvale State School Wins NAB Schools First Awards!

Over the years Gordonvale State School has developed a number of strong partnerships through our Excelsior: A Whole Community Approach to Sustainability initiative. Our partnership with the Mulgrave Landcare and Catchment Group has been recognised through the NAB Schools First Awards with the school receiving a $50 000 Impact Award to further extend the range of community projects that students at Gordonvale State School, Gordonvale State High School, Aloomba State School and the Gordonvale Community Kindergarten are able to participate in.


Gordonvale State School hosts the Excelsior Program

20110309-Excelsior-ProgramOn March 2nd, 2011 Gordonvale State School hosted a workshop for students from 4 local schools in their Excelsior Program. The theme of the workshop was "sew a seed and grow a tree".

During the workshop, Heidi Taylor from Tangaroa Blue presented information about marine debris and its impacts, along with practical ways that we can all make a difference to our marine and coastal environment. Photo left: Lucy Peterson from Gordonvale State School and Heidi Taylor help collect debris along O'Leary's Creek.

Students then assisted in a clean up along O'Leary's Creek which runs along the back of the school. In just 45mins, students cleaned up 814 items weighing 53kg from 350m of creek. The most common items were food wrappers, plastic bags, 95 soft drink cans and 35 golf balls!


Gordonvale State School Selected as Finalist in the National WWF Earth Hour Education Awards

Up in northern Queensland, Gordonvale is embracing a whole community approach to environmental sustainability. With "Think Globally, Act Locally" as their guiding theme, the school has embraced sustainability focusing on the areas of biodiversity, waste, water, energy and transport.

Their vision? To create a culture of awareness both within the school and local community, with an emphasis on long-term behaviour change. How? Through a collaborative program lead by students and staff, and through the forging of community partnerships.


Gordonvale Student Report on Excelsior Workshop

Last Wednesday Heidi Taylor, who is co-founder of Tangaroa Blue Foundation, an organisation to protect our ocean through clean ups and data collection, came to the Gordonvale Lions Club where all the Excelsior students from Gordonvale State School, Gordonvale State High School and Aloomba State School were meeting. Heidi showed us lots of things that she, her husband and all her volunteers have done to save the ocean.