Pelican Island Being Cleaned for the Pelicans!

20141022 Erina Bay2The Brisbane Waters Foreshore Program - Clean4shore - joined forces with the Gosford City Council for another clean-up at Erina Bay on Pelican Island in NSW's Brisbane Waters on October 22nd.

The volunteer team from North Gosford Learning Centre, along with program coordinator Graham Johnston and local oyster grower Simon Funnel worked on removing litter from the mangroves adjacent to the Central Coast Highway at the Punt Bridge.

A good tidal water level got Simon's barge into Erina Bay, allowing the clean-up work on the mangroves close to the Central Coast Highway to begin. Plenty of litter was quickly collected with 12 large bags loaded with many plastic and glass bottles, plastic bags, all sorts of rubber and plastic items, and close to 80 tennis balls!

Only 40 square metres was cleaned, and with only four students the task became a bit boring. Surprisingly there were masses of small spiders in the mangroves. This was also disheartening to the students. But the smiles on their faces returned with a dolphin following the barge back to Woy Woy!

The bay on Pelican Island, was the next target, however the tide was falling too quickly, and this plan was abandoned with only a small amount of litter on the southern tip of Pelican Island being removed.

The western foreshore on Mangrove Island was then cleaned with a pile of the never ending supply of oyster product found above the tidal mark. Local growers in the cleaning shed revealed that they owned the product and would be removing the tin, baskets and poly pipe. Small items were also removed from the Mangrove Island foreshore along with two large oyster trays.

A total of 330kgs filling13 full bags plus some bulk was deposited at Woy Woy Tip. Thanks to all the students and sponsors for their support for the continuing the effort to keep these waterways healthy and clean.