Another Oyster Barge "Chockas"!

20130908 Jade Taylor and SimonLight rain deterred the community members from the clean-up, but not the hardy Macmasters Beach crew who headed out to the Tascott and Gosford Boardwater as part of the Brisbane Waters Foreshore Program last week.

Maritime Rescue completed clean-up of the surrounding foreshore near their base, with surprising results. Landowner "Louie" assisted in the clean-up of the Tascott mangroves, where a previous clean-up had stacked many items, this was of great assistance!

Tascott produced 15 large black oyster trays, 6 bread trays, eight tyres and four full bags of litter, and the Gosford Broardwater produced two bags of small litter, five oyster trays, one tyre and a fiberglass boat deck. All items off-loaded at the Marine Rescue Base, thankfully assisted by volunteers from that organisation.

Many small items of litter are still present at both sites with a school group to complete the work

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