Clean Up on Oysters

201301 Jack Pelican Island Oyster TubeThe Brisbane Water Foreshore Clean-up Program has been actively targeting marine debris hotspots and removing tonnes of debris throughout 2012 and with continued support this program will continue to grow into the new year. At the beginning of January a reconisses trip was organised to bring stakeholders up to speed with the marine debris issue in the area. The trip found that along the Woy Woy Bay foreshore from the oyster shed to Waterfall Bay contained approximately thirty "white" oyster trays, on the foreshore, and in the water. Local reports state that many more are behind the mangroves.

In the last year large debris has been staked on Pelican Island ready for removal and now approximately three tonne of oyster product is ready to be removed from the island. Also a chain of 47 small baskets were uncovered on the northern tip of the island caught up in the mangroves.

Also impacting Pelican Island is the thousands of beer stubbies and longneck bottles are littering the island and small plastic items and tennis balls found behind the mangroves indicating a residential contribution to the debris, washing in from last summer's heavy rain.

This area is marked for continued clean up activities and it is hoped with all stakeholders becoming involved in both the removal and long term maintenance of these areas that the health of this river system will be significantly improved into the future.

Photo: Macmasters Beach Duke of Edinburgh's Award Participant Jack Riley pulling out a oyster tube from the mangroves.