Patonga Creek Reveals 500kg of Debris!

20121130 Patonga CreekThe Hawkesbury Nepean CMA Foreshore Clean-up Program headed out to Patonga Creek on November 30th for a four hour clean up of just a 10m x 4m section of river!

With the help of Brisbane Waters Secondary College “Bushcraft” students - Wade, Joel, jack, Nick, Tom; coordinator - Graham Johnston and assisting staff - Emma, George and John the southern end of Patonga was targeted for the day's clean up effort to remove bottles and debris from the mangroves  along Patonga Creek.

This is the third trip into this section of mangroves, by student volunteers, with the previous two removing over 1000 beer bottles and 650 beer cans. Warren Brown from Gosford Council attended this activity due to the extreme amount of litter removed on previous trips.

Near peak high tide the work area was reduced to the high tide mark and the selected area was in front of the last house on the southern foreshore. A total area cleaned was 10 metre x 4 metres and abundant litter was present filling 38 bags! Beer bottle counts of between 35 and 60 bottles per bag were recorded and the beer bottle tally hit the 1520 mark from just this small area! Bottles were buried under bottles and all bottles and debris appeared to be very old. Kitchen and residential items were also removed. Items included jars, pans, plates, cups and excess timber were also present. This site resembled a renovation dump and included material that presented a potential hazard to volunteers which were identified by Warren Brown and volunteers advised to keep clear and the hazard reported to stakeholders. An old bath tub was also present, together with paint tins, and many more metal items.

The mangroves were two metres tall, with many growing over and around the litter and all litter was placed in a bulk bin beside the boat ramp. This bin was filled to 80% capacity!