Camden Haven High School

Camden HavenCamden Haven High School is a purpose built integrated comprehensive school, which involves students being on site for classes as well as catering for a large number of students who are distance learners. We have a large staff, who are both talented and experienced and we are able to offer a wide range of courses to cater for the diverse needs of students across all years, 7 to 12.

Our onsite students are drawn from the local Camden Haven community and distance learners can enroll from the Central Coast to Coffs Harbour and inland to Armidale as well as Lord Howe Island.

The school has outstanding facilities including a multipurpose centre, performance space, school farm, marine room, library, oval, courts, outdoor classrooms, pond, tables for seating and sheltered areas. These facilities are well utilised by all students in attaining academic, sporting and cultural learning outcomes.

Marine Studies

Camden Haven july 2017The study of the marine environment is extremely important at Camden Haven High School and students have been involved in collecting marine debris data for Tangaroa Blue Foundation for several years now. Students regularly clean up the local beaches with their teacher Dr. Deb Geronimi. Our recent clean ups were at WashHouse Beach and Pilot Beach Dunbogan on July 19th, 2017.