Plastic Resin Pellet Information

A review of plastic resin pellet distribution throughout Australia and mitigation methods for reducing spill-over into the marine environment.

Plastic Resin Pellet Victoria Report 2014

Plastic resin pellets in the Melbourne metropolitan area and evidence of domestic release to the Port Phillip Bay catchment. 2014

Plastic Resin Pellet Newsletter June 2011

The Fifth International Marine Debris Conference came and went during March. Being ten years since the last conference there was a wealth of material presented and as we digest the information we will review and present this material in future issues. For now a simple taste of the conference proceedings is presented in the International section.

Also in this issue is a summary of the plastic resin pellet situation in Port Phillip Bay, Victoria. Here various individuals and groups are clocking up observations and accumulating information showing pellets to be a pollutant of growing concern. There is opportunity here for a bay-wide monitoring programme to highlight the issue. A community based monitoring programme using agreed methods perhaps along the lines of those presented at the international conference (see below) would overtime generate data and simultaneously raise community awareness.

It is important in our view that this problem be seen as a systemic failure to anticipate, recognise and regulate for a pollutant known about in principle since the 1970s. We therefore further suggest that remediation of the problem will be best served through industry education and reform of practices combined with appropriate legislation and enforcement measures.

A programme for plastic production establishments aimed at minimising the loss of pellets into the environment, known as Operation Cleansweep, has been available to plastic industry operators in the US and UK for some time and should be promoted here. Likewise, recognition of plastic pellets as a pollutant in the regulatory arena is overdue.

Plastic Resin Pellet Newsletter Feb 2011


Plastic Resin Pellets on the South Coast
Plastic Resin Pellets at Fremantle

Distinctly different types of plastic resin pellets have been found during our surveys of beaches adjacent to the Port of Fremantle. The newness of these pellets and the numbers found indicate one or more local sources from the port precinct and or from drainage further up the Swan River.

Pellet Alert Autumn 2008

Plastic resin pellets make a seasonal appearance on South West Australian beaches, showing up in autumn, increasing in numbers during winter and largely disappearing from sight in summer. In 2007 pellets were surveyed between Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin and this gave a regional picture of the types and condition of pellets and their distribution. The 2008 surveys aim to widen this survey to include the Perth metropolitan area.

CJ Moore POPs on Pellets

Persistent Organic Pollutants on Plastic Resin Pellets.

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