Senior Units: Years 7 - 10

Students learn about the issue of marine debris through the investigation of society's consumption habits, product design and the complexity involved in the degradation of everyday items. The extent of the marine debris problem is looked at through viewing the ocean as an ecosystem and learning about the food chain and ocean currents, while hands-on beach clean-up and data collection activities provide links beyond the classroom and encourage students to reflect on what it means to be sustainable. Student engagement is increased with creative and IT components being an integrative part of the unit.

Alignment with Australian Curriculum

Unit At A Glance

Lesson Plans

PhaseLessonLesson PlanPowerPoint Presentation
ENGAGE Lesson 1: What is marine debris? View PDF View PPT
EXPLORE Lesson 2: Plastic resin pellets View PDF View PPT
Lesson 3: River rubbish View PDF View PPT
EXPLAIN Lesson 4: A degrading experience View PDF View PPT
Lesson 5: Plastic island View PDF View PPT
ELABORATE Lesson 6: Plastic in our food View PDF View PPT
Lesson 7: Beach clean-up activity View PDF  
EVALUATE Lesson 8: Sorting it out View PDF  
Lesson 9: Combating marine debris View PDF  
CREATIVE EXPRESSIONS Synthesising tasks: Cross-curricular activity   View PPT
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