Upper Primary: Years 4 - 6

Students learn what marine debris is and why it is a problem through exploration of the ocean as an ecosystem while covering indigenous concepts of interconnectedness and respect for the environment. Relationships of cause and effect are explored through hands-on scientific activities and reflection encouraged by development of a local Source Reduction Plan.

Alignment with Australian Curriculum

Unit At A Glance

Lesson Plans

PhaseLessonLesson PlanPowerPoint Presentation
ENGAGE Lesson 1: Marine menace View PDF View PPT
EXPLORE Lesson 2: Connections View PDF View PPT
Lesson 3: Ocean stories View PDF View PPT
EXPLAIN Lesson 4: Journey to the sea View PDF  
Lesson 5: Travelling trash View PDF View PPT
ELABORATE Lessons 6 & 7: Beach clean-up activity View PDF  
EVALUATE Lesson 8: What did we find? View PDF  
Lesson 9: Solutions View PDF View PPT
CREATIVE EXPRESSION Synthesising tasks: Cross-curricular activity   View PPT
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