Container Deposit Scheme

Tangaroa Blue Foundation is part of a coalition of 31 environmental groups,CDS image called the Boomerang Alliance,  supporting the introduction of a Container Deposit Scheme for beverage containers in Australia.

This page will give you updates from the Boomerang Alliance's campaing office to keep you posted on how this campaing is progressing and how you can help to bring a Container Deposit Scheme to Australian communities.

For more information please visit Boomerang Alliance

Container Deposit Law Passes in NSW

NSW Legislation PassesMEDIA RELEASE
20 October 2016

Container deposit law passes – but we can do better

The Boomerang Alliance of 44 groups today said the Baird government’s signature environment protection policy – the container deposits scheme (CDS) – risks failing consumers on day 1, because the legislation did not establish sufficient convenient sites to collect drink containers and give refunds.


WA to Launch CDL Program!

CDL WAThe WA Government announced on the 17/08/2016 that it will introduce a container deposit scheme for drink bottles and cans to help improve recycling and reduce littering in Western Australia. Under the scheme, consumers will be able to get a 10 cent refund on containers usually seen as litter, such as beer cans and bottles, soft drinks, bottled water, small flavoured milk drinks, sports drinks and spirit-based mixed drinks.

Premier Colin Barnett said community desire for a container deposit scheme was very strong, which should lead to high participation. It was expected the scheme would start in mid-2018.

The 10 cent refund will be available from reverse vending machines and collection depots at parks, beaches and other public spaces across Western Australia. "Drinks containers are commonly littered, which is not only unsightly, but can cause environmental harm. With a 10 cent refund available, there is a greater incentive to recycle as everyone can benefit from doing the right thing," Mr Barnett said. Environment Minister Albert Jacob said the scheme would complement WA's recycling culture.


A Great Leap Forward for Bottle and Can Litter Reduction & Recycling in QLD!

CDL QLDEnvironmental groups have welcomed the State Government’s decision to introduce a Container Deposit Scheme (cash for containers) in Queensland in 2018, describing it as a great leap forward for litter reduction, recycling, environmental protection and a vital financial boost for community organisations interested in can and bottle collection.

‘Cash for containers is a proven scheme and will slash litter rates, increase recycling across the state, create hundreds of jobs in collection and re-processing and provide a financial boost to community organisations interested in collecting can and bottles.’ said Toby Hutcheon, spokesperson for the Boomerang Alliance and Wildlife Queensland


Cash for Containers for QLD!

Queensland Flyer 1

Cash for Containers Confirmed for NSW

CDLThe announcement by the NSW government that it will proceed with a genuine container deposit system (CDS) was welcomed by the Boomerang Alliance of 35 groups, as a historic win for the community.

“This has taken 13 long years of campaigning with almost unanimous support from the community. Governments have come and gone – but today leadership has been shown,” said Jeff Angel Convenor/Director of the Boomerang Alliance.

“The CDS has had to test itself against rigorous economic and environmental analysis as well as misinformation campaigns – and we have no doubt there will be enormous benefits for NSW.’’


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