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ACTIV active at Hamelin Bay!

20131123 ACTIVOn the 23rd November Tangaroa Blue joined forces with the local Margaret River ACTIV Industry youth group to clean up a section of Hamelin Bay. It was a beautiful summer's day, the beach was busy with tourists enjoying the warm weather. A group of 10 volunteers, led by Renee Mouritz from Tangaroa Blue spent about an hour scouring the beach, removing 6kg of rubbish from a 300m stretch. They then retreated to the shade under the boat ramp to have a closer look at what they'd found. The number one item collected was rope fragments, with over 70 pieces picked up, some of which were dug up from where they were buried in the sand. Interestingly a lone slipper found during the clean up was matched up with its pair which had been found during a clean up in the same area 2 months before!! The group will use the rope they collected during the clean up in a basket weaving activity this weekend.

Jack Johnson Perth Beach Clean Up!

20131201 JJThe first event of the Jack Johnson Beach Clean Up series took place on December 1st at Leighton Beach near Fremantle in Perth. 20 keen volunteers joined in for the clean-up where close to 80kg of debris was removed from 2km of beach! Congratulations to Andre who also won 2 tickets to Jack Johnson's Perth concert

Tangaroa Blue coordinator, Alison Dorn said "It was a great day with a great group of volunteers, all very keen to find every morsel of debris on the beach. No stone or piece of seaweed was left unturned!" Nearly 600 plastic bag remnants found and some very large pieces of rusty metal that had been on the beach for years.


Erosion, Swells and Lots of Hands on the Beach

2013WABCUThe 9th annual WA Beach Clean Up saw over 1400 volunteers hit the beaches armed with clean up bags and gloves ready to make a difference. Held over the weekend of the 12th and 13th of October, this state-wide event saw beaches from north of Broome right through to Esperance and as far out as the Cocos Islands cleaned up.

It was perfect timing for the event, particularly in the south west where storms and nine metre swells have been battering the region, wreaking havoc on the coastline, causing major erosion in places, sweeping some beaches clean and depositing large amounts of ocean going debris on other stretches of coastline.


WA Beach Clean Up Volunteers Needed!

WA Beach Cleanup 2013 ReneeWith more than 110 clean-up sites around Western Australia, this weekend is looking to be our biggest beach clean-up event in the 9 years since the WA Beach Clean Up started!!

Below is a list of groups registered for the 2013 WA Beach Clean Up who are inviting volunteers to join them. If you are interested in joining one of these groups please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the Clean up site name and Coordinator name and I will forward your details on to the appropriate person.

Also if you would like to register a beach for the event, there are still beaches needing a bit of love and care! Just email us and we can organise all clean up materials for you.

Thanks for your support!




2013 West Australian Beach Clean Up Countdown!

2012 10 14 SmithsThe countdown to the 9th annual West Australian Beach Clean Up is well and truly on. Registrations are rolling in from around the state, one from as far afield as the Cocos Islands off the WA coast. The event will be held over the weekend of October 12 & 13 and anyone interested in taking part is asked to contact the Event Coordinator Renee Mouritz at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0437511620 for further information.

Data collected during the clean ups helps build a bigger picture of the marine debris issue around Western Australia and the data can be used by community, government and industry to find practical ways of stopping marine debris from entering our waterways in the first place.

How you can help out: Volunteers are invited to register as an individual or as a group and nominate a beach or stretch of coastline they will clean up over the clean up weekend. All materials, volunteer insurance and logistical support will be provided, all we need is lots of energy and many hands to help remove marine debris from the coast.


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