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Navy Adventure Training at Wyadup!

Navy20140709ran8526350 052The ocean and all that live in it are much better off thanks to the removal of over 1.3 tonne of rope earlier this month from a beach near Yallingup. The rope, a discarded commercial fishing longline, washed ashore last October during big storms and ended up on a section of rocky coastline between Canal Rocks and Wyadup.


2014 Narc Dive Club Annual Land & Underwater Clean-up

NARC ThankyouWow what an amazing weekend and would like to say thank you to you all for however you may have contributed to this amazing event.

This event could not have been such an amazing success without every single persons/business's contribution.

The event brought together a lot of people from all over Perth to do a common thing making the water ways a cleaner and healthier place. We had an amazing turnout with over 100 people contributing over the whole weekend.


Meelup Beach Looking for Volunteers

2010 WABCURecently the Meelup Regional Park Management Committee began planning that would ensure that beaches and coastal nodes within the park would remain clean and pristine for locals and visitors alike in years to come. It has been noted that during the recent peak period there were large volumes of rubbish observed at all of the coastal nodes and some of the small pull-in bays along the coastal road in Meelup Regional Park. Much of this was removed by volunteers and local residents.

The Meelup Regional Park Management Committee is looking for volunteers who would be willing to accept responsibility for on-going monitoring and cleaning of individual beaches in the Park. If you would be willing to help with this project, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



2013 WA Marine Debris Report Released!

2013WABCUTo download the full report click here.

Executive Summary

Storms, swells and erosion delivered large quantities of plastic debris onto Western Australian beaches during 2013. The message is clear - there is a large quantity of plastic polluting the oceans and there is a large quantity of plastic buried and embedded within the coastal system. Most of this plastic is fragmented. The long term average proportion of plastic remnants in WA clean-ups is 46%. Fishing items follow with 9%. Plastic fragments are therefore the main legacy of growing levels of plastics entering the ocean over the decades since mid-last century.


Water Corp Team at Kwinana Beach

20131218 WaterCorpA great corporate clean-up event with the crew from the Water Corporation Desalination Plant at Kwinana. 12 volunteers, over 200kgs of rubbish, including a mattress, picnic table and chairs and old beach umbrella. Over 200 glass bottles and aluminium cans. The location is known to be used by 4 wheel driver's some of whom unfortunately leave their rubbish behind, it was definitely 'beach user's' rubbish.

The crew were pretty shocked at the amount we collected and thankfully we had accesss to a vehicle to come and pick it all up and take it back to the desalination plant to catalogue for inclusion in the Australian Marine Debris Database. It would be great for this activity to lead to other local industries to getting involved so this stretch of beach could be cleaned up on a regular basis.

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