Source Reduction Workshops in Victoria

SRPW 1In September we held five catch-up Source Reduction Plan workshops in the Cities of Melbourne, Hobsons Bay, Port Phillip Bayside and Kingston, with the support of the Port Phillip Bay Fund and local councils. Registrations are now open for previous and new participants to join the next two free workshops to be held in early November in the Cities of Wyndham and Greater Geelong.


Giving value to rubbish!

26220864 1589721294437051 6226832305690154603 oThe third Seaside Scavenge took place at the Rye Pier in January 2018. We conducted a large scale beach cleanup where the litter participants collect was traded for a festival currency. This was used to purchase high quality pre-loved clothes, toys, shoes and more that had been donated by the local community. Food and drink vendors enriched the buying market this year through sponsoring the event with tokens that participants could also purchase using their hard earned litter currency.

The event offered live music from local artists, educational talks from guest speakers, interactive stalls from local coastal/marine, recycling and conservation themed organisations, as well as workshops on how to create useful items out of everyday “waste”. We also provided a bicycle generated amplifier to invite the community to ride alongside our performers and use their energy to power the live music.

Sticking to our zero waste policy and education theme we hosted a Mug Library where participants could rent cups, plates and cutlery for their food, as well as a do it yourself Clean-Up Station to wash, dry and return the used items.


SRP Workshop in Warrnambool

2018Warrnambool1In the Warrnambool region in Victoria the need for an ongoing program to tackle the problem of marine plastics on local beaches has gained momentum. Ten beach monitoring sites have been set up along the coast from Warrnambool to Port Fairy as part of the new Clean Oceans Collective program, which has teamed up with Tangaroa Blue Foundation. More than 600 people, including community volunteers, school students, teachers, university students, staff from Wannon Water, local and state government representatives and Warrnambool City Councillors, attended the event, which included a Source Reduction Plan workshop.


Seaside Scavenge back in Rye!

2017 Rye SSSOn the 8th January, the Mornington Peninsula community once again came together to talk trash and clean up the local Rye beach area as part of the second Seaside Scavenge Festival held in Victoria.

Teaming up with Tangaroa Blue were the Sorrento Water Towers crew, a local group passionate about the ocean and dedicated to raising awareness about plastic pollution, connecting like-minded people and working towards changing our disposable plastic culture.

Rubbish collected on the day was given a new value, becoming currency that allowed volunteers to trade the trash they collected for second-hand clothing that had been generously donated by members of the local community.


Port Phillip Source Reduction Workshops!

2017 Yarra

As a leading expert in addressing the marine debris issue, Tangaroa Blue Foundation is coordinating Source Reduction Plan workshops in seven council regions around Port Phillip Bay in 2017 (see more details below). You are invited to participate in this exciting project to tackle marine debris & litter at the source.

Cleaning up areas like beaches, waterways, streets and parks is essential to reduce the impacts of marine debris & litter, but this is only a Band-Aid approach to what has become a major environmental issue worldwide. “If all we do is clean-up, that’s all we’ll ever do” - Heidi Taylor, Tangaroa Blue Foundation. The only way of making a real change is analysing where the litter & debris comes from, and finding ways of stopping it ending up in our ocean and rivers in the first place - a Source Reduction Plan.

Join us in 2017 to help find ways to stop the flow of rubbish into Port Phillip Bay and the Yarra River.


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