Clean ups have been taking place in Tasmania for a number of year now. With some very remote sections of coastline, it is amazing how much rubbish is washing up from both local and international sources.

Goats Beach - Tasmania Marine Debris Cleanup 13th March 2010

20100414 Goats BeachWe had a perfect sunny day at Goats Beach (Calvert's Lagoon beach), South Arm in March, with plenty of swell for an early morning surf before we gathered together in the western carpark and cleaned up numerous "Bogan Middens" before walking 3/4 of the length of the beach, cleaning debris and taking note of the many mutton bird (short tailed shearwater) carcasses that remain from the large scale mutton bird wreck that occurred earlier this summer (apparently occurring across many beaches in SE Australia).

Three people in our group made an estimated count of the numbers of birds and decided that there were between 60 and 80 exposed birds on the stretch of beach we cleaned (and probably alot more given it had been a couple of months since the 'wreck' had started).


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