Highway litter into the GBR!

LIPS YULEOn Wednesday the 5th of August, Low Isles Preservation Society (LIPS) joined with Tangaroa Blue Foundation and Parley for the Oceans to address the heavy pollution levels at Yule Point, a stunning mangrove lined beach just south of Port Douglas.

As an organisation that is focused on preserving the small island paradise that is the Low Isles, LIPS members were concerned that due to the severe littering problem at Yule Point, a king tide or large rain event would deliver that debris to the waters surrounding the Low Isles.


Fishing Iine v's Birds

2015 The SpitAs a wildlife rescuer who specialises in catching 'flight capable' birds I am acutely aware of the risk posed by any length of fishing line that has been carelessly dropped on the ground. Discarded line is a primary cause of  entanglement amongst foraging birds. Once wrapped around a foot or leg the line tightens, then it's only a matter of time before it amputates the affected limb, leaving the bird maimed or causing death by infection. Last year on the Gold Coast I caught and disentangled more than 100 birds.

Photo: Rowley Goonan from Wild Bird Rescues Gold Coast with some of the kilometres of fishing line he collects from the Gold Coast foreshore every year.


Reduction of Marine Debris Destruction at Orpheus Island

2015 OrpheusA team of 14 ambitious volunteers with the Orpheus Clean-Up Project combed the shores of Orpheus Island from July 9 to July 11, collecting up to 850 kilograms of rubbish and plastic pollutants from two sites — Fig Tree and Big Rock Bays. Both beaches face exposed to the open ocean waves carrying in tons of man-made pollutants.

The team collected 383kg of plastic consumer, packaging and fishing items, as well as 16,000+ remnants. An additional 77kg of rope and net strikes on irresponsible fishing practices. A total of 400 pieces of foam accounted for 6kg of the overall weight, with rubber items including footwear, toys, tyres and remnants equating to 215kg, and metal items weighing in at 50 kilograms.


Paradise clean-up with a twist

Our latest clean-up on Coconut Beach in the Daintree national park was a day in paradise. 14 volunteers (some of them left home at 5.30 am to make it to the event!) swarmed out on this this clear cool winter's day to collect what they could on this tropical beach in Far North QLD.

20150628 CoconutThe biggest reward for the lucky finder was an almost new fishing rod. Otherwise 21 bags and 178 kg were removed after we only cleaned this beach 6 months ago!

It was rewarding to see how keen the crew of a local resort was to learn the data entry to conduct regular clean-ups on their own stretch of beach in the future. But the euphoric vibe came with a twist: We found an unusual number of balloons and dug out a giant pile of plastic wrap, filling over 2 bags and weighing some 60+ kg alone! With so much plastic floating around you wonder what it does to the wildlife.


2.3 tonnes removed at Captain Billy's Landing

Captain BillysCape York is one of Australia's marine debris hotspots, and a challenging environment to work in. Over the past week, Tangaroa Blue and a team from Conservation Volunteers Australia have managed to remove debris from some ten kilometres of beach at Captain Billy's Landing. This has been achieved with the assistance of volunteers, indigenous rangers from the Apudthama Land & Sea Rangers and staff from Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service.