Eco Barge Clean Up Workshop South Molle Island

20100213 Eco Barge1Eco Barge Services is held a successful clean up workshop with volunteers on February 8th, 2010.

In light winds the eight volunteers and two crew met at Edges Boatyard at 7.30am for Pine Bay on South Molle Island in the Whitsundays. The day was run not only to remove marine debris, but to also run a workshop for volunteers to learn how to document the data recording what was found. Tangaroa Blue is proud to partner with Eco Barge for this event, which was made possible through a Caring for Our Country Grant.

Volunteers expeced a large amount of debris due to king tides and 30-40kt northerly winds at the end of January, and they weren't surprised with the 323kg of rubbish that they collected.

Our total tally for marine debris collected for this day was 323 Kilos. Volunteers collected 36 bags, a lounge and 20 meters of ships rope from this area.


Queensland Wrap Up Report in the Press

2010 4MBOn Friday evening at the Port Douglas Coast Guard Building Heidi Taylor from the Tangaroa Blue Foundation announced to her audience of dedicated and determined helpers that their work group had been responsible for clearing up a staggering grand total of 48,748 items of rubbish from Four Mile, Newell, Cooya and Wonga Beaches and from Low, Woody and Snapper Islands.

You can read the "Tangaroa removes 48,748 bits of trash in 2009" article on the Newsport.com.au website.

Newsport also conducted a video interview with Heidi Taylor on the 15th December 2009. The video is part of the "Tangaroa, Guardian of the Sea demands coastal clean-up" article which can be viewed on the Newsport.com.au website.

Beachcomber Confessions: Flotsam Research 2009

2010 Beachcomber2100 years ago, Edmund Banfield charmed the world with his book: The Confessions of a Beachcomber (1908). The beaches he combed were any of almost 100 found within a 50 km radius of Dunk Island. This tale is not nearly so romantic or epic an adventure; merely observations of what is found today on Brookes Beach, a fabulous cove just north of Dunk.

This is one of those rare and precious beaches that still have their beautiful critters and unique lush rainforest intact. Furthermore, there is no ugly road running the length of the dunes and no concrete dunny blemishing nature's fabulous vista.


Eco Barge Full of Debris at Whitsunday Island

200911 WhitsundayEco Barge volunteers and crew headed out to Whitsunday Island on the 5th of November, 2009 for their monthly clean up and pulled off a massive 651kg of debris from the beach between Grimston Point and Bluff Point!

The Eco Barge anchored in Woodwark bay to clean Grimson Point, we managed to pick up 15 bags and a total of 33kgs from Grimston Point. Our volunteers had morning tea at Woodwark Bay to refuel on engery before continuing along the east side of Grimston Point removing all marine debris from the coast towards Bluff Point. We found a large amount of marine debris which had accumulated in a small stretch of coastline, we collected a total of 618 kilos most of this was boat wreckage parts and plastic bottles.


Snapper Island Clean Up

200909 SnapperTo coincide with the 2009 International Clean Up Day, Tangaroa Blue Foundation hosted a clean up event on Snapper Island in Far North Queensland on Saturday, September 19th.

45 volunteers and crew from 7 vessels helped to remove 494kg of rubbish in just a few hours from the island showing how impacted by marine debris even non-populated areas can become.

A total of 4061 individual items of rubbish were collected, with the most common items all being made up of plastic!