'Keep Sydney Harbour Beautiful’ with Sydney Ferries

2011 Manly Ferry'Help us Keep Sydney Harbour Beautiful' is an ongoing collaborative campaign designed to encourage residents and visitors alike to understand and respect the unique environmental sensitivity of Sydney Harbour.

Sydney Ferries is joined by Tangaroa Blue Foundation, Manly Council, City of Canada Bay Council and non-for-profit marine conservation organisations (including Eco Divers) in building initiatives aimed at fostering better environmental behaviours in Sydney Harbour.

A Marine Debris Biodegradation Timeline poster campaign onboard Sydney Ferries' vessels kicks off in May showing how rubbish such as cigarette butts, fishing lines, plastic straws and styrofoam cups not only spoil the look of the harbour but do not biodegrade for up to 600 years.

This idea was suggested by a ferry commuter who has been willing to raise awareness on marine debris.

The poster aims to encourage all customers to be mindful of rubbish disposal, and link to other initiatives currently underway including:

  • Culligan water filters installed on Manly Ferries in November 2010 provide customers with the ability to refill their water bottles for free, reducing the amount of plastic water bottles purchased.
  • Dyson hand dryers are currently being trialled on the Manly Ferries which use up to 80% less energy than regular hand dryers, eliminating paper towel waste.
  • A 'Keep Your Cup' campaign will offer reusable coffee cups to customers through the Manly ferry On-Board Café and newspaper recycling facilities will be trialled on Manly vessels in the coming months.
  • Ongoing local initiatives such as Project Penguin and Save Manly Fairy Penguins are supported as project partners to Keep Sydney Harbour Beautiful.

A dedicated 'Help us Keep Sydney Harbour Beautiful' page will be added to the Sydney Ferries' website www.sydneyferries.info. This page will contain educational information and will be launched towards the end of the year.