Goodbye, dumpsite!

2101510 INGSix volunteers of ING DIRECT had their first experience of cleaning up their environment and were thrown into the deep end: Kincumber Creek in NSW had accumulated huge piles of dumped litter and debris from the oyster industry and residents alike - a pontoon, car tyres, plastic piping, household rubbish, an old TV - you name it. Thanks to the funding from Corporate Landcare, a big oyster barge for the day and the Gosford Council tip truck, the rubbish could get removed from the shore and taken to the tip a part of the Clean4Shore program!

A lot of the debris consisted of floating items, so the volunteers had to get into their wetsuits and get their hands dirty, dragging a bicycle and a shopping trolley through the water and mud to the barge and cutting larger items into handier pieces. But in the end they could be proud to have removed 500kg of rubbish, filling 35 bags - not even including the bulky items! Reason enough for the Gosford Estuary manager to thank the group for their combined effort!