11 Volunteers - 1 Day - 3.2 tonnes of Debris Removed!

20131126 KincumberToday was set as a mission to remove all the bulk oyster product from the collection site at Kincumber Creek as part of the Brisbane Waters Foreshore Clean Up Program!

With the help of local oyster grower, Simon Funnel and representatives from the Department of Fisheries, Oceanwatch Australia, Gosford City Council and volunteers from Macmasters Beach Surf Life Saving Club 3.2 tonne of debris was removed from this river site in just 3 hours!

The falling tide placed emphasis on getting in early, as the barge would not negotiate the shallow muddy waters, at the front of the bulk site which held many submerged metal based oyster trays (100 plus) and needs professional removal.

100 old large oyster trays were quickly loaded onto the barge, transported back to the ramp and reloaded into council and contractor's tip trucks for disposal. Infrastructure (sorting tables and storage tables) close to the tidal water werealso  dismantled, and stacked in the returning barge.

The bottom hull of and old boat, was lifted in pieces from the tidal mangroves. This was thin sheets of rusting metal, restricting mangrove growth,  and hardwood timber and debris in the adorning mangroves was also loaded.

Plastic oyster product in the tidal water was either pulled or cut from the muddy bottom and tin sheeting was removed from one of two tar pits. Stakeholders Simon, Warren and Katie planning the removal of these pits, still containing tar.

Full inspection of the site was carried out by Simon (Council) and Katie (Department of Fisheries), future removal will be involving all stakeholders. Over 1000 trays still remain.

Three full tip trucks were dispatched to the Woy Woy Landfill with a total weight of 3.2 tonne removed from the river system. A great job by all volunteers, who enjoyed a BBQ at the Surf Club. Thanks to Simon, Katie and Warren for their attendance.