"The Glen" Get the Bulk Debris Removed!

201308 The GlenWith ongoing clean-ups taking place along the Brisbane Water's foreshore, clean-up coordinator Graham Johnston had highlighted areas where bulky items needed to be removed, and the team from "The Glen" Aboriginal Men's Centre provided the workforce to remove over 16 tonnes of debris in just a morning's work!

The locations were Kincumber Creek, North Bank and Barney's Oyster Lease, and with the help of 14 volunteers, local oyster growers Simon Funnel and Barney and their barges, and a couple of kayaks a 1km section of the waterway was cleaned.


With the past survey indicating a tough day ahead with plenty of rubbish, the team from "The Glen" were very enthusiast about the challenge ahead. Simon Funnel and Barney provided oyster barges. Immediately all groups were into the small litter and bulk items, often hidden below mangroves, unseen from the water. Seventy bags were quickly filled as the group moved to the boat ramp behind the Kinny Pub. Plastic bottles dominated (680) with plastic bags including pieces (1050) and balls of all descriptions collected (960). Pieces of polystyrene everywhere (820).

A recently deceased large sea turtle was found in the mangroves, close to the Kinny boat ramp. National Parks staff received the animal upon return to the ramp.

Large items included, timber, milk crates, deck chairs, advertising signs, trailer axel, filtration matting, six tyres and abundant oyster product. Local oyster grower Barney assisted in the removal of 45 of his trays, that were stacked in the tidal zone. Old trays are littered in large number, in the water around the front of this lease. Many more old trays are floating or still on the old infrastructure. Barney indicated that he will remove this product from the water. Approximately 300 trays still remain on dry land, with other oyster product. These products also belong to Barney and again he indicated that the product will be removed. Some of this product is 20 years old.

The falling tide ceased work as the barges struggled with the weight and volume collected, and decreasing water level. The groups returned back to base at 12.30pm with Council trucks waiting for the off-load. Warren Brown from Council and Vicki Elliot from National Parks were waiting for the group. Several bulk items, too big for the trucks on the Community pick-up on the 4th August were cut up by the team and loaded into the truck. A total of 1.64 tonne was loaded onto one truck, and deposited at the Woy Woy Landfill.

Clean showers and a tasty BBQ at Macmasters Beach Surf Club concluded a very productive day on the water. Thanks to everyone involved!