OCCI-CC 'Project Aware on the Coast' Awards night

OCCI awardsSince the 3rd March, the OCCI team on the NSW Central Coast have been sharing their knowledge and passion for the coast with participants of their 'Project Aware on the Coast' course. As a celebration at the end of the course, an awards night was held last week celebrating the efforts of the 23 participants who have completed the course and contributed to health of the local coastal environment.

This is a report from Linda Roberts, one of the course coordinators.

The awards evening was awesome. Many of our participants made short reports on the work they had done and more than one had us in tears at the misery the pollution they are finding causes them. One girl described her anguish when she reflected back on the fact that her beach trophies were sea shells whilst her son is now collecting rubbish!

Others told of their continuing efforts to collect rubbish (excessive compulsive disorder?!) I trust they will continue to submit their findings to Tangaroa Blue now they no longer need to send them to us for their projects.

One girl, a pharmacist, has joined our Bush Care group as well as OCCI, and is already very active with both groups. She commented that 'normally, addictive medicines carry a warning on their labelling' and that OCCI was remiss in not doing the same thing!

We had such a good group of participants:-)

On Saturday we are running another clean up at the Terrigal Lagoon Reserve site in conjunction with our Bush Care activities and I have half a dozen OCCI volunteers to join us there.

I am doing a workshop presentation at Gosford Council's litter day for schools and am hoping that I can also offer to organise clean ups with some of the schools in our shire as a spin off. Keep the fingers crossed

A summary of our data:

Items of rubbish collected by OCCI-CC on the CENTRAL COAST, 3rd March to 30 April 2013:

26,422 pieces of debris!

Some high occurrence items:

6,362 hard plastic bits
3,626 plastic wrap, bags
2,077 cigarette butts
1,494 plastic lids
1,446 foam insulation bits
1,313 sticks and straws etc
912 bits of plastic bags
896 plastic shopping bags
736 foam cups/trays
636 glass alcohol bottles
614 plastic bottles
589 foil wrappers

We covered over 42km coast/lagoon/creek line.

There were 60 volunteers over this period, many fronting up for multiple visits to their selected area.



Tangaroa Blue would like to thank OCCI, Linda, Amber and Jeannie - the course coordinators, as well as those people who signed up for the Project Aware on the Coast Course - they created a huge movement in their communities and removed an awesome amount of marine debris from the coastline! Great work to everyone involved!