Data Dimensions back out on the Hawkesbury

20130514 Croppy BeachThe second day out on the Hawkesbury River by the Data Dimensions crew was for a clean up around Cowan Creek. With the help of the Macmasters Beach Surf Club and coordinator Jono, the task for the day was to remove unwanted litter from the isolated deserted beaches in the lower Hawkesbury River and Cowan Creek

After meeting at Brooklyn Marina at 9.30am the team received their gear and briefing for the day's mission. Three IRBs transported the groups into the Lower Hawkesbury with all beaches presenting minor litter issues. An old gas bottle was found at Gunya Beach, Dead Horse Bay had excess camping litter, Porto Bay headland had glass bottles, Eleanor had some disused oyster products.The Cowan beaches were relatively clean, into Jerusalem Bay pockets of plastic were retrieved from the rocks, several old fish traps were removed.

The high tide allowed the boats to travel into the backwaters where two campsites were cleaned of litter. The high tide mark also produced many plastic bottles. The group were very keen to remove broken glass, with large amounts recovered from all sites.

Overall ten full bags were retrieved, with all sites closely inspected by the group.Fibreglass items including an outboard motor cover, and glass boat window were also in the large items and all litter deposited back into Rob Moxton's yard with the product collected the previous day

Number of bags of litter collected = 10 bags + bulk with a total approximate weight of litter collected arounnd 300Kg!