New South Wales

Another Massive Job by The Glen Team

20141104 GlenAs part of the Hawkesbury Clean4Shore program, the team from The Glen headed out to Porto Bay on November 4th with a mission to demolish the remains of the derelict old oyster shed.

Funded through the Hornsby Council / Greater Sydney Local Land Services, and with support from Mitch from Rob Moxhams oyster farm who provided the barge the team headed out in some muddy conditions to remove the partly fallen shed, which had been severely damaged in the storms two weeks early and was laying in the tidal water.


A Trashy School Excursion

2010102 EurobodallaLOn Wednesday 22nd October 2014 students from Batemans Bay, Sunshine Bay, Mogo, Moruya, Bodalla, and Narooma Primary Schools had a beach day with a trashy difference.

The students joined Eurobodalla Shire Council environment education officers Bernadette Davis and Tom Dexter who took them on a marine debris clean-up along Shark Bay at Broulee. The students learnt how to sort and tally the debris then record it with Tangaroa Blue.

Each school was represented by about 6 students who were asked to take the information back to their schools and organise and run a debris clean-up at their local beach or river. The first school to do so wins a prize!

The Glen Remove 1.58 tonnes from Pelican Island!

20140925 PI1The team from The Glen were back on the job at Pelican Island last week as part of the Brisbane Waters Foreshore Program. The mission for the day was to remove an old barge from the mangroves in the bay of the island.

In perfect tidal water the team was eager to get started, with many volunteers being involved in the program for the first time. Simon's barge was able to be positioned adjacent to the barge for easier loading. Crow bars, sledge hammers and plenty of muscle soon removed the sides, with the flooring cut into manageable pieces, to be lifted for removal.

The second larger barge, partly finished from previous trips, was then slowly dismantled, leaving only a piece of the flooring, remaining before the falling tide made for a quick exit. The flooring piece was floated to a more accessible site, for easier pickup on the next trip.


The Glen Remove Another Tonne!

20140619 PI1The Brisbane Waters Foreshore Program (Clean4shore) headed back to Kincumber and Pelican Creeks mid-June and with the help of the men from The Glen removed another 1050kg from the river!

The Glen met Clean4shore team at the Pony Club at 9am and after an event briefing and handing out PPE gear, the group moved down the hill to the oyster piles.

There was a brief interruption as the boys found a red belly black snake 2 metres long, caught in an oyster mesh tray. Delicately one of the team, cut and removed the snake, setting it free in the bush.


The Glen Turn Demolition Team!

201405 The Glen

As part of the Brisbane Waters Foreshore Program (Clean4shore), clean-ups have been taking place as part of their Buff Point Grant. On May 8th, members of The Glen Aboriginal Men's Group joined in for the demolitian and removal of three old barges in the bay in Pelican Island.

Under a threatening sky and a falling tide, the team from The Glen, utilised Simon Funnel's oyster barge to get into the bay. Time was critical as the falling tide, would make the return difficult.