New South Wales

Kincumber Creek is looking clean, 4 shore!

201412 kincumberThe Southern foreshore of Kincumber Creek has never looked better thanks to the incredible efforts of The Glen crew. Always up for a challenge and some hard work, the team of 12 spent their morning scouring the thick saltmarsh grass and muddy mangroves for anything that was not meant to be there.

A curious 250 tennis balls were found during the clean up, along with a mysterious locked suitcase, approximately 1300 plastic water bottles, and the all too familiar oyster related debris.


Telstra Employees have Fun in the Mud!

201412 telstraKincumber Broadwater is now as clean as mud thanks to a group of 14 Telstra employees. As part of the Brisbane Waters Foreshore Program, Clean4Shore, the enthusiastic team dove headfirst into the mangroves and mud, removing vast amounts of debris from the heavily polluted waterway.

The enthusiastic group was transported to the site via barge, and was not deterred by the testing conditions and rapidly dropping tides. A total of 4 and a half hours was spent by the group pulling out all manner of debris items, including a double bed mattress, 16 car tyres, and even a 10-foot barge! Luckily the barge being used by the clean up team was bigger.

An impressive total of 1.36 tonnes was removed from the 700m area targeted during the clean up, with some of the debris being dated all the way back to 1952. A huge thank you goes to Corporate Landcare for funding this clean up, to Simon for the use of his barge and truck, and of course to the Telstra team who weren't afraid to get their hands dirty. Top effort!

Council Training in Eurobodalla

201411 Eurobodalla Shire CouncilEurobodalla Shire Council's Environment team got out in the field this week to learn how to record marine debris collected on local beaches into the Tangaroa Blue Australian Marine Debris Database.

Council's environment team will now have the skills to assist community groups to tackle marine debris in their area.

For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Photo – sorting and counting marine debris collected at Pedro Point, Moruya Heads South Coast NSW

Marine Debris Solutions Building Momentum

20141104 Old Bar5Disposable drink bottles topped the list of rubbish collected by students at Old Bar Beach this month as part of an education project undertaken by Hunter Local Land Services to raise awareness of marine debris.
Students from Old Bar Public School collected a total of 80kg debris including 219 glass and plastic bottles, and aluminium cans from a 1km stretch of shoreline.

Plastic shopping, ice and dog poo bags, along with cigarette butts, and plastic food packaging also scored high on the list of items removed.


Another Massive Job by The Glen Team

20141104 GlenAs part of the Hawkesbury Clean4Shore program, the team from The Glen headed out to Porto Bay on November 4th with a mission to demolish the remains of the derelict old oyster shed.

Funded through the Hornsby Council / Greater Sydney Local Land Services, and with support from Mitch from Rob Moxhams oyster farm who provided the barge the team headed out in some muddy conditions to remove the partly fallen shed, which had been severely damaged in the storms two weeks early and was laying in the tidal water.