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World First Stand Up Paddle Around Sydney Basin

Stuart Murray SUP Sydney ExploreStuart Murray (50), 9 x New Zealand and Australian Stand Up Paddle Champion and marine conservationist in March completed a world first, by stand up paddling around the entire Sydney Basin.

The event was to show the connection between marine debris in our oceans and pollution in our rivers and creeks, and communities from as far inland as Windsor joined in for a stand-up paddle clean-up when Stuart arrived in town!


Banda waste program - PARNEK, Environment Matters

Magga7Recently my partner and I journeyed to the Banda Islands. A very remote part of Indonesia, better known as the Spice Islands. The Bandas used to be famed as the only place in the world to acquire Nutmeg and Cloves. Now thanks to colonialism nutmeg and cloves are grown in other parts of the world and the Bandas are mostly quiet. The guide book listed these Islands as having pristine waters and perfect snorkelling conditions, just what we avid flipper junkies were after.

We arrived and checked into a guesthouse located on the shores of Banda Neira, with its own jetty close to the public wharf, and a view of Gunung Api - a conically classic volcano. Ecstatic at having at last arrived in this piece of paradise, we leaned over the planks to gaze into the reputed crystal clear water. And it was, so clear that along with the brightly coloured reef fish, you could pick every piece of rubbish out.


Strengthening our borders through greater collaboration

Heidi Taylor and Colin Hunter signing MoUA new agreement signed in Canberra in February this year, will ultimately benefit Australia’s environment and agricultural industries through improved awareness of the biosecurity risks carried by our surrounding waters.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Department of Agriculture and the Tangaroa Blue Foundation, an organisation focussed on the remedy of marine debris issues with over 25,000 volunteers around the country, formalises a long-standing partnership between the two organisations.


SUP around Sydney Basin!

SUPExploreAnnouncing after a year of planning SupExplore Sydney, Adventure Concept Paddle # 4. The circumnavigation of the Sydney basin. In a world first adventure Stuart Murray plans to Stand Up Paddle 350km and portage 50km in a two week period commencing March 2nd. He is inviting people to support him in this ground breaking paddle where he will be supporting Tangaroa Blue Foundation and the Australian Marine Debris Initiative!!

Sponsor Stuart by donating to Tangaroa Blue Foundation - all donations over $2 are tax deductible!





UPDATE 11/03/2014 - Day 10 - 30km. Ease out the blisters and aching legs. Kool sharing and meeting the great kids from Chipping Norton public school. Great to have the company of Shane from Sandy point for entire paddle and Sherifa for a few km. Enjoyed training with the Army marine. Tonight I get to share the SupExplore Sydney and Tangaroa Blue story with the Botany Bay SUP Club.


A Date With The Strait!!


Three world champion watermen are set to paddle their way into the record books in March when they attempt a world-first prone paddle across the volatile Bass Strait.

Australian world champion board paddlers Zeb Walsh (30), Brad Gaul (35) will be joined by 19 year-old Californian paddling prodigy Jack Bark, to take on the 300km herculean effort padding from Victoria to Tasmania in a bid to raise funds and awareness about Tangaroa Blue Foundation - a not-for-profit organisation focused on the health of marine enviornments.

Named A Date with The Strait', the paddle has required years of planning and research for the paddlers who have each claimed world titles at the grueling 53km Molokai2Oahu world championship paddle race in Hawaii (The Molokai).

Sponsor the guys for each kilometre they paddle and help Tangaroa Blue Foundation keep our oceans healthy!


And to see the Today Show's interview with the boys visit http://youtu.be/BTgi-5siI0A

UPDATE: 5th March - Last night at 6.10pm Brad, Jack & Zeb landed at Petal Point in NE Tasmania with friends & family there to welcome them after an excruciating 65km final leg from Long Island. Very busy and exciting day for all involved!

With bad weather forecast for the coming days, the trio had to make a quick decision to power through. Lots more news and pics to come now that the team have signal. We'll keep you posted as soon as we have more!

Final Leg