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AMDI Database hits 6 Million!

6 000 000Today Tangaroa Blue volunteers reached a huge milestone - the 6 millionth item was recorded into the Australian Marine Debris Database!! The lucky debris item was collected by the crew on MV Bahama while they were visiting Lizard Island. A huge thank you to everyone that has submitted data to the AMDI Database, not only is our environment 6 million items cleaner, but you have provided a huge amount of evidence that government, industry and community are using to create change that stops the flow of rubbish into our oceans! Thank you to everyone!!!

Tangaroa Blue gives evidence to Senate Inquiry

senate inquiry smallTangaroa Blue stands for picking up rubbish off the beach. At the other end of the spectrum it stands for ensuring governments understand what the data is clearly showing about rubbish and debris in our environment, and what needs to change so we don't have to keep picking up other people's rubbish off the beach. We recently replaced our sandy shoes and dirty clean-up gloves with high heels and a suit to be an integral part of two important gatherings: The NSW & QLD Ministerial Roundtable on plastic bags and the Senate Inquiry into marine debris. Those are the opportunities where we can present what our 902 partners and over 50,000 volunteers have been working on over the last 12 years: the overwhelming evidence of the issue highlighted through data collected and submitted into the Australian Marine Debris Initiative Database.


Fireworks of texture and colour

art supplies smallWhat do you see when you look at marine debris? Do you see ugly rubbish that makes you turn away? Or do you see that bright red bottle top contrasting a yellow bucket lid, that fluffy faded fishing rope with a hint of turquoise between its strands playing with that far travelled buoy? A broken piece of something in subtle blue matching the dark green of an old net? Do you see how layers of thongs look like fish scales or bird feathers or how the weathered fragments of plastic fit into a mosaic? Are you an artist who gets inspired by the simplest things around them and turns discarded pieces into collages and sculptures?

The seemingly useless debris we pull off the beaches has great potential to turn into inspiring art works.


Merry Christmas and Happy 2016!

Merry Christmas TBF 2015 squareThanks to all our partners and volunteers for their support duirng 2015 - it turned out to be Tangaroa Blue's biggest year yet!

We will be closing the office between December 25 - January 10th, but will respond to any emails/calls as soon as we are back in the office on January 11th.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - stay safe and hope to see you on the beach in 2016!

The Tangaroa Blue Crew

The good, "bag" and ugly - the big clean-ups in 2015

Fitzroy 42015 provided us with more big clean-ups than ever before! The good news: Thanks to additional funding through the Everyone's Environment Grant and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority we were able to run more events in Cape York than in any other year: Apart from our "old friends" Mapoon, Captain Billy's Landing and Chilli Beach we visited Cape Bedford just north of Cooktown twice, cleaned Port Stewart with the help of the Lama Lama Junior Rangers, and added another new site: Somerset at the very tip of Australia to the calendar. In 4 short months we pulled over 17 tons of debris from Cape York beaches!

For the 11th year we also ran the Western Australian Nyul Nyul RangersBeach Clean-up with the support of Coastwest & Keep Australia Beautiful Council WA. Our WA volunteers are definitely experts in removing and documenting rubbish by now. This year volunteers cleaned over 206km and removed over 4.2 tonnes from between Beagal Bay (see photo of Nyul Nyul Rangers) all the way down to Esperance and across to Cocos Island!