Indigenous Land & Sea Rangers

Indigenous Land & Sea Rangers around the country have been working with Tangaroa Blue Foundation and the Australian Marine Debris Initiative since 2011.

With the Rangers' assistance vital information and data has been collected, and thousands of tonnes of marine debris has been removed from remote and significant sites across Australia.

Rangers also work with community members, local shire councils, junior rangers and school students on source reduction plans, recycling programs and clean-up events.

Many Ranger teams use CyberTracker software to collect data and the Australian Marine Debris Initiative has a CyberTracker sequence available to download here.

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TSRA Land and Sea Rangers Join AMDI

20121029 Maza GuiyaThe Warraberalgahl Rangers visited the Maza Guiya (Kirkcaldie Reef) as part of their patrol during November. The uninhabited sand cay is located 7.4 nautical miles south of Warraber in the Torres Strait Islands and is being considered to become an Indigenous Protected Area.

During the patrol the Rangers conducted a marine debris survey for inclusion in the Australian Marine Debris Initiative Database - collecting approximately 11kg of marine debris including a large drilling marking buoy which had been washed up on the island.

The Rangers are keen to make Maza Guiya one of their marine debris monitoring sites to help identify the sources of marine debris making its way through the Torres Straits.

Giangurra Beach Clean Up

20120920-Giangurra-BeachThe Great Northern Clean Up brings together people in communities right around Northern Australia to help improve their local environment, and community members, local government agencies and supporting organisations joined the Djunbunji Land and Sea Rangers at Giangurra Beach in Yarrabah for a beach clean up on Friday 14th September.

Both the park and beach areas of Giangurra were targeted, and with the help of 35 volunteers more than 915kg of rubbish was removed!


Pormpuraaw Junior Ranger Camp

201207 PormporaawAt the end of June, while a lot of students are taking a break while on school holidays, Pormpuraaw students who are part of the Junior Ranger Program joined Pormpuraaw Land and Sea Rangers to learn what it means to be a Ranger!

During the camp both Senior and Junior Rangers took part in a marine debris survey along the beach at Mungkun Creek, removing ghost nets, plastic drink bottles from both local and international sources, over 100m of fishing line, bait bags and many remnants of shopping bags.

Some of the debris was buried in the sand, but the Junior Rangers did let that deter them, digging deep into the sand to remove the plastic bags from the beach.


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