Cigarette Butt Litter

RR ButtsCigarette butt litter is always one of the top 10 items being found in clean-ups, particularly in urban areas. Most people don't realise that cigarette butts are made out of plastic, so take an estimated 10 years or more to degrade into tiny plastic fibres. Check out this image by Responsible Runners Bondi who picked up a crazy 25,000 cigarette butts at Bondi Beach - a beach that actually has a non-smoking policy!

Making cigarette butt bins more visible

Cigarette Greater DandenongArticle supplied from the Victorian Litter Action Alliance (VLAA) LitterALLY December Newsletter.

Cigarette butt litter invariably tops the list in litter audits, especially in urban areas. Even though butt bins are a common feature of pedestrian landscapes these days, the problem persists.

A case in point is Halpin Way in central Dandenong, a well-used route from Dandenong Railway Station to the CBD’s offices, civic precinct and retail hub. Landscaping along this corridor includes a number of rain gardens, which despite three butt bins in sight, were becoming ‘butt bins’ themselves.